Positioning doesn’t end with a positioning statement and then everyone leaves the meeting. Your story needs to be crafted, developed, polished so it can be told by your team, and retold by your fans. It is the falling in love with your story, with the experience, with the memory that plants you in the hearts and minds of your audience. This is where brand metamorphosis occurs.

Positioning, branding, story-telling. Although these terms usually bring about feelings of dread because they imply that a long and tedious meeting is about to occur, they are real, and they help you get a place in your audience's fondest memories.

The wine industry is about to see a change. And unless you’ve done the work ahead of time, it won’t be the good kind of change. While wineries are increasingly and happily embracing the Direct-To-Consumer channel, our tasting room visitors are becoming increasingly disenchanted by the experiences they’re having.

The numbers for tasting room visits per winery in Sonoma and Napa counties are down again for the third straight year, and we hear more and more anecdotes of visitors to wine country feeling that they never need to return.

Your visitors may not care all that much about what your dirt is made of — or maybe they do — but in any case, it’s not what they’ll remember about you. It’s not what really makes you lead your category. When your visitors tell their friends over a bottle of your wine that your’s is the third generation of winemakers in your family, is this going to make them buy a bottle?

Your winery’s visitors came for an unforgettable experience. Is your story one that they’ll remember and share?

Making Your Story Connect With Your Audience

There’s a lot more to story telling than simply recounting a timeline or a list of details.

For your audience to truly connect with your brand, they have to feel something. Your story needs to come alive for your audience.

Has anyone ever told a first-date that the wine they’re drinking was grown on Clone 667? Does anyone really care if you’re the oldest family-owned winery in Whoville?

These details are simply not meaningful enough to stir anyone’s emotions.


Crafting your story is about honing it down to the details that bring it to life. We live by the wise words “The truth will set you free” and in doing so, your story is a true, authentic recount of why we are here drinking your wine.


We live to connect, and the stories we share help create those connections. In every telling of our story, we are hoping to make a real human connection. Right now, we’re not thinking about wine sales. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.


Good fortune is where preparation meets opportunity. That preparation wasn’t without struggle, and it’s ok to talk about those struggles. It’s part of the human condition, and how you overcame the struggle is part of your story.


You had a vision that was always with you, and you never gave up. Your story moves people and lifts them up. When they return home, they’ll be a little more focused and they’ll try a little harder. Thanks to your inspiring story, visiting your winery makes people feel good.

When you’re ready to create a story that connects people with your winery, take a moment to get in touch. We’ll help you with the story, we’ll help everyone on your team deliver your story, and we’ll help you get your story shared.