The goal of writing content for your winery’s website or marketing emails is not simply to put information out there. The goal is always to move the reader from Point A to Point B, from a point of unknowing to a point of wanting more, from sitting at home on their laptop to hopping into their Prius and visiting your winery. Does your content do that?

Do you love deadlines? Do you love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by?

Who writes your web content? Is it your winemaker? Is it your all-in-one marketing associate? Is it a talented admin who has a writing background? In the wine industry, all of these are common answers, as we are accustomed to just switch hats and get it done. But in the 20 seconds or less that your website’s visitors are willing to grant you, are you giving them something to make them keep reading?


We all know that making wine is an art and a science, and we all know that selling wine is the hard part. This is the reason wineries take their web content so seriously. The frightening part of this story is revealed when we look at the analytics data for various web pages. You may be surprised to see that those pages you so carefully wrote and rewrote, are not even being read. You’ll wish you could shout through the computer “Don’t go! There’s more!” So if your audience isn’t reading your content, they’re not taking the desired actions. Meaning that your website, your best opportunity for people to find you, is being wasted.


Your winemaker puts her passion into her craft, taking the fruit from each growing season, harvest after harvest, and with microbiology, phenolics, oak, and time, seeks to transform it into “bottled poetry.” Are you honoring her as an artist-practitioner-visionary when you allow yourself to be perhaps too easily satisfied with your writing? Are you selling your wines at a discount because when people visit your website they are not moved by what they read?


Let’s do something meaningful with your story. Let’s honor all that terrior that you’ve been talking about. Let’s get started.