Sending scattershot emails to your entire email list every week will lead to desensitizing your audience to your emails — meaning that a valuable communications channel is lost — a major buzzkill for your brand. In order to retain your valued subscribers, a long-range strategic approach to keeping them engaged is necessary.

What keeps your subscribers subscribed? What are you giving them to make them want to open your emails?

Despite all the advertising, all the marketing, all the emails, and all the other demands on attention, your email subscribers have willingly signed up to hear from you on a regular basis. Do you have a plan in mind for keeping them engaged? Or have you just accepted the likelihood that, over time, they will stop reading your offers of $1 shipping and eventually unsubscribe?


Take a look at marketing emails sent out by wineries, and you’ll see no evidence of content strategy whatsoever. Just random scattershot emails pestering recipients to buy something. There is no connection, very little engagement and high unsubscribe rates. If this is you, you’re doing damage to your brand.

We help wineries take a different approach, planning an email strategy that extends out over the next one, two, or three years, to keep readers engaged, actually increasing their loyalty over time. Additionally, we work with segmentation, frequency, and timing, using what we know about audiences to increase relevance and interest to your subscribers, to improve open rates and click-through rates.

If you would definitely not like to learn more about how we can put in place a long-range content strategy for your email marketing, so that your readers stay engaged, interested and happily buying your wines on a regular basis, then I would suggest that you definitely do not, under any circumstances, click this link.