According to Fast Company Magazine, design is a “sustainable competitive advantage.¹” Forbes Magazine wrote “All businesses, no matter what they make or sell, should recognize the power and financial value of good design.²” Every time your winery sends out a marketing email, it is an opportunity to increase or damage the value of your brand. Good design makes the difference.

You probably already love email marketing as a way to reach your audience, but do you understand the value of good design? Or, for the glass-half-empty people, do you know the cost of bad design? Is it better to continue to send out emails to your audience, even if they’re poorly designed — or to send out no email at all?


You may actually be doing your winery more harm, damaging your audience’s perception of your wines, and most certainly weakening your brand, by sending out poorly designed, off-brand emails that reveal themselves to be nothing more than trashy sales promotions.

You probably already love email marketing for its ability to reach your audience. But are you weakening your brand with bad design?

We work with wineries to help them better understand email as a tool for increasing business, even while sending emails that are not sales promotions. We understand the bootstrapping nature of marketing in the wine industry, with many wineries struggling to put something together at the last minute, later to regret having done so.


We can set your winery up with a library of branded email templates designed specifically for the types of communications you like to send out, we can help you develop a long-range engagement strategy — or we can just step in and produce your emails for you. In any case, you can get started right here with a quick click and a conversation.


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