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We just make wine. Why would we need a bunch of fancy, high-falutin' marketing stuff?

We know exactly where you’re coming from. I know winemakers who heft cases of their wine to local restaurants, do free tastings, and send out their own emails on MailChimp – all while they earn minimum wage. And I know larger wineries that have been in business for 30 years, who are still struggling to remain viable while they bootstrap their own internal marketing efforts. I believe everyone deserves better.

It’s understandable that you might view marketing as just one more expense, but it is an expense that will cover its own costs many many times over, for years to come. Although doing your own marketing is certainly an option that is available to you, we think you will see better results if you let us develop cost-effective marketing that brings results, while you spend your time singing to the barrels and developing magnificent harmonies in your wines.

Ok, how does this work. And what's this going to cost me?

We start off with a conversation so we can learn everything we can about your winery, your goals, your vision, your challenges — and what you had in mind with contacting us. We’ll give you our recommendations on where you might start, and when we arrive at how you’d like to proceed, we’ll give you a proposal describing every part of our process, deliverables, timing, and cost.

We seek to provide an accurate estimate for every assignment before we start work. This estimate is for the entire project and it is based on our understanding of how many hours a project will require, multiplied by our hourly rate for the particular skill sets required. We never go over our estimate, unless the scope of the project changes, but we may invoice for less if the project moves along more quickly than anticipated.

Spinguistic. How did you come up with your name?

It’s the name of our founder, Cecil Spinguistic. Just kidding we made it up. It’s a mash-up of Spin and Linguistic, and it represents the meeting point of marketing and story-telling. Besides, “Better Than Cream Cheese” was already taken.

Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) just bullshit?

Pretty much. Actually, it is a thing, but hardly any wineries have the resources, the knowledge, or the time to do it very well. In the early days, it was all about keywords, but now, with so much competition, companies need to be a little more clever about the process. It can be quite unintuitive, but we can give you the quick 10-minute rundown on what’s involved so you can decide for yourself if it’s something you want to take on or not.

Do you help with maintaining a presence on Social Media also?

Well, we can, but we believe that social media, for it to be authentic and worthwhile, should really come from you. However, if you don’t have the time for it, and would like your audience to feel like they’re able to connect with you and share your story, we’d be happy to help.

We're a small winery. We can't afford some gigantic fluffy positioning BS!

I hear you.

If you’re a small winery, this is perhaps the very best time to examine your winery’s position in the marketplace, before you spend a lot of time and money competing in an arena with too many players. We seek to help you define a category for yourself that puts you in competition with drastically fewer other wineries.

We can consult with you and provide a level of advice that steers you in a narrower direction for you to run with, or we can give you something much more comprehensive that’s ready to launch. All up to you. In any case, if, after we talk and discuss your vision, goals, challenges, and what-not, we feel that we won’t be able to bring you a tremendous benefit, we’ll tell you that and there’ll be no charge.

We do everything ourselves. Why do we need you to do it?

The thing with marketing is, it can feel like you’re doing everything right, covering all the channels, sending compelling messages, but for some reason people still seem to forget to buy your wines. You might tell yourself that it can take some time before your efforts bear fruit.

In marketing, however, we like to quantify everything. How many people visit your website? We can tell you. Are they sticking around? We can look at that too. Are enough people reading your emails? We can measure that. Are you meeting industry standards for people clicking on your links? We can also check that. Are there ways to get more web visitors? Yes! Are there ways to make our content appeal to people better? Yes! Are there ways to make our email subscribers more engaged and “clicky”? Yes! This is exactly the kind of stuff we know about.

We’ve been around since the very beginning of the web, following all the changes in online behavior, keeping up with email marketing, and the evolution of landing pages.

We work to change how people interact with your brand. We can save you a lot of time, and we can help you increase your sales. It won’t cost you anything to just drop us a line, so … drop us a line!

Email design and email strategy — what's the difference?

Email design is more about the general look that all of your emails will follow. You could think of it as being like a template or a library of templates that we create for you to just plop in your content and “git er done”. The goal of email design is to create a branded look that is easily recognized by your readers as belonging to your winery. It’s an opportunity to strengthen your brand, reinforce your story, and make your audience feel good about being a part of your winery. Email strategy is about the long-game of keeping your audience engaged and becoming brand ambassadors that continue to tell their friends about you for many years to come.

I'm super excited!!! How do we get started???!?

Wait, what???


Oh, well in that case, er … every journey starts with a single step, and the first step in this journey is to click    here.

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