If you’re having a hard time attracting quality traffic to your website, and struggling to turn new visitors into customers, it’s time to make a change. Let’s turn your winery’s website into a valuable component of your business strategy, earning you money, and selling your wines.
Some of these poor sods will not find your website through Google search! Doesn't that make you feel all sad inside? We should help them!

The Importance of Small Winery SEO

Search engines can be a major contributor to your website’s traffic, capturing search queries and displaying a link to your website in the results. But how does a company get their website listed on the first page of the search results — and does it even matter to be on the first page? Surely landing on Page 2 is almost as good, right?


Actually, recent stats show that the results displayed on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) will capture up to 92% of all clicks, while the 2nd page captures less than 6%. Furthermore, the top 5 results on Page 1 get more than two-thirds of that page’s clicks, so it’s the top half of Page 1 in Google’s search results, or forget it.


How to get your winery website on Page 1 of Google’s Results?

As a small business owner, you’re well-aware of all the talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and have probably received plenty of promotions from dodgy companies who promise to get you on page 1 of Google’s search results. But the truth is, you can’t game Google.


Lasting results come from doing the work, and the #1 way for your website to get more visitors by ranking well in search results is to frequently create high-quality, strategically-written content. This content will attract new visitors from outside your sales funnel — that is, audiences that you haven’t already targeted — and keep them engaged.


Other components of a successful SEO strategy for your winery involve optimizing your entire site, since Google ranks websites by factoring in their quality. This means fixing broken links, removing bloat so pages load faster, making content more relevant so visitors stay longer, using clear sub-heads so pages can be scanned more easily, and improving site structure so users click through to further pages in your site.


The Process of Small Winery SEO

These factors form the basis of our process when we work with you to attract more traffic to your winery’s website. We begin with a site audit, which includes installing Google Analytics so we can collect actionable data from your site. The site audit reveals broken links, orphaned pages, redundant content and other opportunities for improvement. Next, we identify content opportunities for you so you can leverage keywords and back-link opportunities. Finally, we leave it up to you to decide where you’d like to take your strategy next: would you like support with content writing, email campaigns, or growing your subscriber list?

Do you know what happens when someone visits your website? Do they spend 20 seconds on the home page then click away? (That’s called a “bounce.”) Do they read about your team? Or your vineyard soils? Do you know what information they were looking for? Did they find it?

Insights that can be drawn from website analytics software can be surprising. It’s natural to think that your online visitors arrive first at your homepage, then visit the next page in your navigation menu, followed by a visit to your store. But that is not always the way it works. Someone who does a Google search for Bennet Valley Syrah might click on a search result that brings them to your Winery Dogs page, where they don’t see what they were looking for, and leave. A page that you believe to be essential to your brand may actually be costing you sales, and might be more useful if it was repurposed somehow.

We can track all that, and even better, we can make changes to your site to modify how your visitors move through it. Each incremental change that we make to improve your website’s structure and content will create a cumulative benefit that keeps working for you year after year. Your website will begin to be a valuable contributor to your revenue.

If you’re not sure how all this works, that’s ok. The world is better off if you keep making wine, and we help you sell it. But if you have a question about something just ask —there’s no charge for asking questions!