Do you know what happens when someone visits your website? Do they spend 20 seconds on the home page then click away? (That’s called a “bounce.”) Do they read about your team? Or your vineyard soils? Do you know what information they were looking for? Did they find it?

You may be surprised to learn that some pages on your website perform better than others, and, more importantly, which pages are the big performers, and which pages are dead weight. Some pages do a great job of leading the user to the next page, while other pages are dead-ends — the last page on your site that visitors see before they leave, meaning that it is quite literally sending people away from your website.

Insights that can be drawn from website analytics software can be surprising. What may seem to you like a natural progression through your website, from the homepage to your online store and shopping cart, may be very unintuitive to your website’s visitors. A page that you believe to be an essential sales tool may actually be costing you sales.

We can track all that, and even better, we can make changes to your site to modify how your visitors move through it. By examining your website data, we’ll make recommendations about which pages might need to be removed or restructured, and additional pages that can optimize the pathways your visitors take through your site, leading them to the desired actions, like buying your wine, visiting your tasting room, or joining your wine club.

It’s easy to get started! Just drop us a line and in no time at all we’ll be discussing how much we like you. And also how to improve your website for better outcomes.