When people drive up from San Francisco to visit your winery, they will typically visit 3 other wineries in the same day. Is your winery the one they’ll remember? Is your winery the one they’ll tell their friends about? Is your winery the one they’ll return to? What are you doing to make sure the answers to the last three questions are yes, yes, and yes? (Hint: this is not about better cheese.)

You’re facing a lot of competition, and most of your customers have trouble telling one wine from another. The number of wineries is increasing every year, while the number of visitors to each tasting room is decreasing. The demographics are changing, with your biggest spenders, baby-boomers, now cutting back on their wine consumption, while their children, millennials, definitely wouldn’t be caught dead drinking the Merlot their dad drinks. And they just don’t care what your dirt is made of.


To pull a quote from the Silicon Valley Bank 2019 State of the Wine Industry Report,

“The factors leading to the success of wineries over the last 20 years will not enable those wineries to sustain those successes. This means that the winning sales strategies being leveraged today will slowly prove fallible tomorrow.”


Depending on whether you’re a winemaker/owner, a marketing manager, or you manage a wine club or DtC department, there are different approaches you should be taking to engage your audiences and develop your relationship with them. In every case, the goal is to build long-term loyalty towards your winery, and that is our #1 focus.

Why choose Spinguistic for your winery marketing?

Hey, guess what? Running a winery profitably is not a slam-dunk. Winery marketing is tough, and carrying the required talent to cover all the bases can be insurmountable. Our team has the breadth of experience, and the depth of talent to provide you with the expertise you need. We step in at the drop of a hat and ramp up quickly to get your message out to your audience effectively.

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We're Industry Insiders

Our founder, besides having 20+ years of design, branding, and marketing strategy under his belt, also holds degrees in viticulture, enology, and wine marketing. So, he can drive a tractor, a forklift, AND a landing page strategy. He can pinch a sucker, punch a cap, and crop a bleed. He can … ok, I think that’s enough clever comparisons.

Broad Experience

Our marketing experience includes defining strategy for some of America’s largest brands and also for tiny single-person wineries. Our training has been in traditional design, digital media, and winery marketing. So, while you stick to your passion, making wine, let us get to work on our passion — making you stand out.

Deep Talent

Some of us grew up in traditional media, some in the digital world in the days of Macromedia, and coding javascript rollovers by hand. We’ve created ad campaigns for Facebook, and for your local bank. We live and breathe marketing. We reinvent what’s new every single day.

Iterative Process

We don’t just rush to the computer and settle on the first idea we come up with. We use pencil and paper, we explore, we refine, we test, and we test some more. We are believers in divergent thinking, and an iterative design process to narrow in on the most effective solution.

We can tell a good story

We haven’t forgotten why we got into this business. Sure, sure, html is super fun, but we can still tell you about that wine that changed our lives. None of us got into the wine business just to schlep beverages. This is about what we love — wine has shaped culture and history and nations and romance. Wine goes better with good company, and wine sits there alongside some of the fondest moments of our lives.

We’re here for you. Whether you’re a single-person operation who just, for now anyway, needs someone to get you pointed in the right direction so you don’t end up wasting your money, or you’re well established with a marketing department but are seeing diminishing returns on your efforts, we can make a difference. Take some time and read how we approach Positioning or Story-Telling and then take a moment to get in touch. We’re very easy to talk to.