For your winery’s website to rank well in search results, you need high-quality, strategically-written pages that attract visitors and keep them engaged. For winemaker/owners, writing fresh content for the website is often very low down in the list of priorities, but that’s where we come in.
It takes a lot of time for a winemaker's hands to look this good.
It takes a lot of time for winemakers' hands to look this good — that's time you don't have for content writing.

Making wine is an art, but the hard part is selling it.

Did you know that search engines reward web sites that have fresh, quality content and are updated frequently? The reason for this is that search engines want to present the most relevant and up-to-date web sites in their search results. You’ll find that the wineries who perform exceedingly well in search rankings have a well-thought Content Strategy in place. That is, a structured approach to developing web content covering topics that their audience cares about and searches for.

You’ve undoubtedly heard the term SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, but it’s unlikely that you’ve had the time to understand how to implement it effectively for your winery’s website. Today, effective SEO for wineries is tightly linked with content strategy. If you want your winery’s website to rank well in search engine results pages, delivering new customers to you from markets you haven’t even considered, you need to be writing relevant, quality content every week.

Being able to update your website with fresh content allows you to continue attracting new visitors to your site, but it also keeps your existing customers engaged.

How a Content Strategy Brings Qualified Traffic to Your Winery’s Website

  • Who is your audience

    Defining your audience helps you to know what they care about
  • What do they search for

    Knowing what they care about helps you know what they are searching for
  • What to write about

    Knowing what they search for helps you to know what to write about
  • Appear in more searches

    Content that’s relevant helps you appear in more search results
  • Get more clicks from search

    Appearing in more relevant searches means you get more clicks
  • Visitors are more engaged

    Visitors from search are more-engaged, with content they’re interested in
  • Get another boost

    When people spend more time on your site, Google ranks your site higher
  • = even more clicks

    With the higher ranking on Google, you get even more clicks

Are you ready to improve your web site’s effectiveness?

Let’s be honest: the general state of winery websites is pretty bad — which means your site can be made to stand out. It means your site can climb the search rankings and appear in more search results. And it means that your site can begin to convert more visitors into customers.

It’s easy to get started. Select the content plan that best suits your needs. You’ll find that the price of our content starter package can be recouped by the sale of just a single case of wine, and it keeps working for years to come.