According to Fast Company Magazine, design is a “sustainable competitive advantage.¹” Forbes Magazine wrote “All businesses, no matter what they make or sell, should recognize the power and financial value of good design.²” Every time your winery sends out a marketing email, it is an opportunity to increase or damage the value of your brand. Good design makes the difference.

You probably already love email marketing as a way to reach your audience, but do you understand the value of good design? Or, for the glass-half-empty people, do you know the cost of bad design? Is it better to continue to send out emails to your audience, even if they’re poorly designed — or to send out no email at all?


You may actually be doing your winery more harm, damaging your audience’s perception of your wines, and most certainly weakening your brand, by sending out poorly designed, off-brand emails that reveal themselves to be nothing more than trashy sales promotions.

You probably already love email marketing for its ability to reach your audience. But are you weakening your brand with bad design?

7 Things email marketing can do that Instagram can’t

Deliver traffic to personalized landing pages on your website

Send custom offers to specified segments of your audience

Track exactly who viewed your message, and who clicked links within it

Increase conversion rates using personalized emails and personalized landing pages

Send personalized offers to your wine club members

Send exclusive invitations to your most engaged wine club members

Increase subscriber and wine club loyalty using a series of educational emails

But, Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

“For the last few years, it’s been widely assumed that email would fade away because Millennials weren’t going to use it.” But it turns out that the opposite is true, according to  Ryan Phelan, VP of Marketing for Adestra in an interview with Inc. Magazine³. Citing findings from Adestra’s recent Consumer Adoption and Usage Study of over 1,200 participants, Phelan reports that 73% of Millennials say they prefer to receive communications from a business via email. “Email continues to be a part of everyday life across all age groups, with consumers literally hanging out in their inboxes all day long.”

One clear advantage that email has over social media is that it’s way too easy for your social media followers to scroll past your Instagram or Twitter posts, whereas your email subscribers are a little more captive of an audience. From the Adestra study, 59 percent said they would leave an email unread and return to it later, and 33 percent say they use flags in their email client to mark emails they want to read later.

However, it is still common to see wineries focusing a lot of their marketing efforts on social media, while neglecting to craft even a single email newsletter per month. This is surprising considering Instagram’s effectiveness at keeping their users on their platform, with a very low rate of clicks off to other websites (you can check this for yourself by viewing your website’s analytics data, where you can track the number of referrals your website is receiving from social media). Email campaigns in the wine industry, by contrast, often see click-through rates of 20% or more.


Need help designing your winery’s email templates?

One of the most important components of becoming an email marketing super-star is to remove the hurdles that get in the way of quickly preparing an on-brand email to send out to segments of your audience. We provide email templates that are on-brand and allow for various forms of communication, from minimally branded text-based emails that look like they’re a one-to-one communication all the way up to highly designed, image-rich templates that are super easy to edit.

We can help you use email as a tool for increasing business, even while sending emails that are not sales promotions. You’ll be seeing a return on your email marketing dollars in the form of better engagement, increased sales, and longer wine club tenure. You can get started right here with a quick click and a conversation.



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