Ever wondered what positioning is? Ok, consider this: you randomly visit the websites of 10 wineries and they all say, “We are a small, family owned winery …” and you think, Hey! They stole that from our website! So, you visit 100 more websites and guess what? They all did it too! What we have here is 110 wineries (actually, 111 if we count yours) that haven’t differentiated themselves from the others.

Winery Positioning fixes that.

Wineries that struggle with being noticed and being remembered are often saying the same thing as thousands of other wineries;

“We are a small, family-owned winery producing small batches of natural [or organic or artisanal …] wine as an expression of the local terroir.”


Winery Positioning is about leading a category

It’s hard for your winery’s brand to be remembered if you sound the same as everyone else. Winery positioning is about identifying a category that your winery can lead. By leading a category, your winery becomes the most iconic brand, the winery that stands out, the winery that is most easily remembered.


So, what is a category? A category, related to wines, is a group of wines that share similar qualities, such as variety or character, within a defined price. It is easy to think of this in terms of shopping for wine at the grocery store: are you looking for red, white, rosé, or bubbles? Californian or import? What price are you considering? If you’ve narrowed it down to a Californian Zinfandel under $10, you’ll be choosing amongst six wines or so, and will settle on the one that best meets your criteria.


While we’ve said that you should be aiming to be the leader of a category, in the wine world it’s usually enough to be one of a few leaders in a category. The reason for this is that wine is one of those products that people like to experiment with trying different kinds — even if they do have an old stand-by, similar to how people view craft beers.



Positioning your winery narrows the field

Do you know what category, in your customers’ minds, your wines compete in? You might feel comforted to know that most wineries are not sure which categories they are being grouped into by their customers, but even more comforting is that if you choose to embark on a winery positioning exercise, you are giving your winery a leg up on over your competitors.

Understanding your winery’s audience and knowing your place within the market is the very first step in standing out against your competition. We help you get clear insights on what you can do to get more visitors to your website, increase engagement, and turn more first-timers into long-time customers.


Where to go from here? That depends on what you consider your biggest challenge to be: